Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

Does NecksGen make different sizes?
No, one size. This size fits most - typically a driver 100 lbs or more.

Where is the NecksGen made?
The NecksGen is made in San Diego, California, USA.

What is the NecksGen made from?
The NecksGen is made from a Dupont carbon fiber composite.

How heavy is the NecksGen?
The NecksGen is very lightweight, at 1.6 lbs (with all tethers and hardware attachments).

Do I need special tools to install the helmet hardware?
No, the NecksGen uses standard tools. We do supply these in your tool kit.

What is your return policy?
NecksGen will refund any units that are unused and in sellable condition within 30 days. A $30 restocking fee will be charged.

How can I get decals for my car?
The NecksGen comes with a swag kit that has free decals for your car, patches for your racing suit, and a free FlexFit cap.

Do you sell cases for the NecksGen?
The NecksGen unit comes with a free carrying bag to protect your unit.
Comfort and Fit

Will I be able to move my head from side to side?
Yes, the NecksGen has self aligning tethers that offer range of motion from left to right.

Will NecksGen place pressure on my clavicle (collar bone)?
No, the NecksGen has body forming belts and pads which go under the seat belt at the collar bone. There is no hard surface on your collar bone.

Will I need to buy shoulder pads?
No, the NecksGen comes with shoulder pads.

Will the NecksGen restrict my body movement while driving?
No, the NecksGen is a flexible unit, which allows upper body and arm movement.

What can I do if I feel the NecksGen unit hitting my helmet?
If it feels too close to your helmet, move the angle back a notch (move bolt up one slot).

What can I do if I feel the NecksGen unit hitting my seat?
If it feels too close to your seat, move the angle forward a notch (move bolt down one slot).

Will the NecksGen unit interfere with my roll bar?
No, the low rear section of the NecksGen allows easy access in tight areas with low roll bars, such as Dragsters and land speed cars.

Do you do a 5 year recertification?
Yes, SFI 38.1 now requires a recertification after 5 years. The recertification will cost $15 plus parts and shipping.

What should I do if I have an accident?
After any accident, you should inspect the unit for any sign of damage. After a crash, the effectiveness of the NecksGen unit can be greatly diminished. If you have any doubt about the integrity of your NecksGen, replace it or at the very least, send it back to us for inspection and recertification. Do not take any chances with your safety by racing with a compromised NecksGen unit.

Is the NecksGen water proof?
Yes, you can wash the NecksGen with soap and water.

Can I paint my NeckGen?
Yes, the NecksGen unit is made from a carbon composite which is resistant to paints and solvents.

Can I take my NecksGen apart?
Yes, the NecksGen unit is a very simple assembly. Please be sure to follow all instructions in manual and installation guide on reassembly.

Safety and testing

Has the NecksGen passed any safety standard testing?
Yes - the NecksGen has passed the mandated SFI 38.1 testing.

What is SFI testing?
The SFI Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for specialty/performance automotive and racing equipment.

How does the NecksGen stand up to other restraints in the market in testing?
Amazing! The NecksGen has passed the SFI test with results that exceed all of our expectations!

Does the NecksGen offer any side protection?
Yes, the NecksGen incorporates lateral tethers, that offer alternative load paths in side-on impact for superior protection.

Is the NecksGen flame resistant?
Yes, the NecksGen has been tested to the SFI flame testing standard.
Helmet Hardware

Does the NecksGen come with a Quick Release helmet hardware?
Yes, included in the price for $599 you get Quick Release helmet hardware and hardware for Hard Mount option also.

Is the Quick Release hardware easy to use?
Yes, the NecksGen has a one hand, two finger quick eject system.

Do I need to buy additional helmet hardware or other accessories?
No, the NecksGen unit comes with all the helmet hardware needed. You can buy additional sets of Quick Release helmet hardware if you have multiple helmets.

Will I need to drill my helmet?
If you have a new SAH2010 helmet or a pre-drilled helmet, it is ok to use these.

What do I do if my helmet has been drilled?
The NecksGen will work using those holes. Simply install the Quick Release helmet hardware using the backing plate.

What if my helmet has never been drilled?
You easily drill your helmet by viewing the helmet drilling instructions.

Do I need to adjust my tethers?
No, the NecksGen tethers come preset for the best protection. However, all helmet are different in design and manufacture, therefore SAH2010 pre-drilled holes may be in different positions. Drivers also have different neck lengths. For these reasons, you may want to adjust the tethers according to instructions in the manual.

How do I know how long I should make the tether?
When strapped in the car with the head in the neutral driving position you should have 2” of slack on each side. Please see manual.

Are NecksGen tethers adjustable?
Yes. The NecksGen tether length is adjustable. Please refer to manual.
Seats & Belts

Can I use 2” seatbelts with my NG?
Yes, 2” belts work with the NecksGen.

Can I use 3” belts with my NG?
Yes, 3" belts work with the NecksGen.

What should the gap between my upper belts behind the seat be?
The gap can be as close as 3" and as wide as 8"

What angle should the seat belts be from the mounting point to my shoulders?
We recommend anywhere from zero to 15 degrees below horizontal.

How do I know what angle to set my NecksGen to?
Using the setup instructions you will be able to determine your seat angle. See manual.

Can my seatbelts come off my shoulders while driving or during and accident?
No, the NecksGen has upper belt guides that will keep a secure belt on at all times.

Can the unit rotate while driving or during an accident?
No, the NecksGen has lower belt guides that will keep the unit centered at all times.

Does NecksGen work with my seat?
Yes, the NecksGen unit will work with most race seats. The unit will adjust from 10 - 40 degrees.